Imaging Sensitivity of the SKA-Low Telescope

This option enables the calculation of the sensitivity of the SKA-Low telescope (default number of stations is 512) in the specified pointing direction (right ascension and declination), during the time range of the observations (hour angle range), and for specified observing bandwidth and integration period (default of 120 seconds). The calculated result is the standard deviation (imaging sensitivity) of the mean image resulting from averaging multiple snapshot images of the specified integration time. The option also shows how the sensitivity (A/T) changes as a function of time during the specified observing interval.

Source Name
Apply Source Coordinates
Source Error Message
Coordinate Type Coordinate Message
Right Ascension (0° - 360°) RA Error Message
Declination (-90° - 63°) Dec Error Message
Hour Angle Start (-12h - 12h) HA Start Error Message
Hour Angle End (-12h - 12h) HA End Error Message
Center Frequency (MHz) Num Station Error Message
Observing Bandwidth (MHz) Obeserving Error Message
Snapshot image integration time (sec)
Number of Stations
Station Type
Plot A/T [m2/K] vs
Output Format